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My name is Harlan Lieberman-Berg, and this is the place that I cajole, curse, muse, proselytize, rant, or some combination of the above. Currently, I'm working for Akamai in their InfoSec group as a security compliance architect. Previously, I was the founder of AdvertiSin, an advertising company targeted at the adult industry, and before that an engineering and operations manager at Chitika.

In the free software world, I'm a paultag acolyte and Debian Maintainer, helping out with a handful of different packages. Formerly, I was the head of kernel security for Gentoo Linux and a member of their security team. I also contribute, mostly in small ways, to a variety of other F/OSS projects, including Ansible, cberl, nanomsg, triq and poolboy. I can be found lurking in various IRC channels on Freenode and OFTC.

This is a place for me to discuss whatever is on my mind, mainly with a bent towards interesting things that I'm working on or thinking about in the business, technical, or political spheres. I may occasionally delve into more personal matters, but for the most part, I'm expecting to keep that to a minimum. This will be the first time I've regularly kept a blog, nevertheless one under a strict, Iron Blogger enforced schedule, so we will have to see how often the posting schedule is. It is not unlikely I will end up owing Iron Blogger a lot of money.

If you're looking to get in touch with me, I'm on IRC (active or not) around the clock as hlieberman and check my email with a probably unhealthy frequency. If you want to reach me by secure means, my GPG key (4096R/0x88237A6A53AB1B2E) can be found on SKS Keyservers with the fingerprint 43DF 758C 18C7 545A 3E1A 4F0A 8823 7A6A 53AB 1B2E.

The postings on this site are my own and do not express the positions, strategies or opinions of Akamai.


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