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Hello, readers - or reader, quite possibly. It's nice to meet you. My about page explains a bit about what this blog will be about in more detail than I will say here as "musings, rants, and perhaps a very occasional bit of sense". The about page, however, does not answer perhaps a more interesting question - why?

I confess, I was a little bit conflicted about starting this blog at start. On the one hand, I have my plate full already with bootstrapping a company into existence, doing lots of things that I haven't done before, or haven't done very much. I expect to be living and breathing AdvertiSin with very little else on my schedule for the foreseeable future, so it seemed somewhat crazy for me to think to myself: "Hey, Harlan, now seems like a /great/ time to start a blog. Hey, while you're at it, why don't you sign up for Iron Blogger and write at least one post a week!"

If I'm honest - and I should be honest with myself, at least - even as I'm writing this post out, I've still not quite convinced myself that this is a good idea. Having a place to put down some of the thoughts that flit through my head - and a place to have a soapbox, however small - has been an idea tucked at the back of my mind for a while now. In some way, I feel the more that I put face against grindstone on AdvertiSin, the more important it is that I have some place where I can talk about what's going on. Rubber duck debugging applied to life, and with a social element to it! (No idea these days is valid unless you can apply "social" to it, I've been told.)

I hope that it will be of some interest to you, and please always feel free to e-mail, IM, call, write, or telegram me with your thoughts. After all, if I didn't want anyone to respond to what I've written, I would definitely have been better off with the rubber duck.

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